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Let’s Talk


I love what I do, but most of all, I love how my firm does it. We provide an aggressive, client-centered approach to each case. Our client’s love it, companies hate it. And if that means we don’t get invited to the country club, so be it. Our place is with the people.

My practice is devoted to representing good people and good employees. We believe that our clients deserve the same quality representation as the big companies we go against.

What my clients can expect: We are a team, working together to put on the best case possible. You lived through whatever circumstances have given rise to the lawsuit, not me. So, I seek your input, trust your insights, and try my best to understand where you’re coming from. It’s this approach that makes me more than just your lawyer. Nothing is more satisfying to me than when my clients realize the power they have and decide to stand up for their rights.

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